Introducing Capt. Redbeard

Update (4/4/09): The news is now on their blog as well.

Our family has expanded yet again, my younger sister Heidi has gotten married! His name is Matt, but I like to refer to him as Capt. Redbeard – mostly because for the longest time I couldn’t remember his name and he was simply referred to as “-m” in most of Heidi’s correspondence (and Capt. Redbeard seemed to fit somehow). 

Heidi and Matt’s blog, See Trail, chronicles their adventures. 


Matt & Heidi shortly after getting married

Gavin and I are looking forward to meeting Matt when we’re in Houston, we’re also going to meet some of Matt’s family. Should be interesting.

The official notice Heidi posted on Facebook regarding her marriage:

Dearly Beloved,

The long of the short of it:
Matt and I were married at his parents’ home on Friday evening, having had an exciting last day of engagement… we started by going to get sized for rings (my cousin in Santa Fe is making them), so while we were near the McLennan County courthouse, I bugged him about asking whether or not we could get the license in a different county than we’d be married in, and whether or not we could return it to a different county or… blah. Turns out it’s a pain in the @$$ and honestly, we’d have gotten married in January if given the chance. Or June, because sharing an anniversary with Nick would have been nice. Other than lunch at our beloved Buzzard Billy’s (with amazing bread pudding), we spent the afternoon at Cameron Park Zoo (admission for one cost more than our marriage license, hah!) and then loitered with the family in the evening.

Recent history:
We’d somewhat started planning for a small ceremony in late May (read: the family will be meeting the family in late May now) because my German grandmother wold be in the country and my sister & new nephew (Oliver!) would also be in town. So Kindli (my sister) has not met Matt yet. Hehehehehehehehehe.

Right, so Rev. Dr. Terry W. [Y] is the signature on our marriage license, and as 0 witnesses are required in the state of Texas, we asked Matt’s mother and sister to defend us if people claim that we didn’t involve anyone at all. Matt’s nephew and Anakin, the retriever of the house, were also present. I was able to call my mother, so she was on speaker phone.

Saturday morning I left Waco at 6:30 am for work at 10 at the zoo. Honeymoon is scheduled for FL the last week of July. Ish. So we’ve been married for nearly a week now and haven’t seen each other since 10 hrs after the wedding. I respectfully ask that non-conformist slams be directed to a different complaint department, as planning a wedding was not on my agenda with school and 2.5 part time jobs while moving – it’s not a piece of cake. And really, brownies are sooo much better, anyway =X

There will be an Abilene reception in mid-May for anyone in the Abilene area, details TBA. All events will be dry, so as not to kill my brother-in-law, and not offend any relatives.

Much love to all,




(name is still the same, and so is Matt’s)

2 thoughts on “Introducing Capt. Redbeard

  1. ah, that was the lj version – the fb version has a note to packer about readings, feel free to edit out the note to amy 😉 love you!

    @lw – edited out.

  2. Arr! Bright Blessings to Capt. Redbeard and LW!!
    Have a swashbuckling good time! (Sorry couldn’t resist!)

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