wear your baby, spring’s must-have “accessory”

This morning Oliver decided to scream every time I put him down. He only wanted to be held, talked to, and told how wonderful he was. 

While Oliver needed people-time, I need to have breakfast, shower, get dressed, load the dishwasher, do some laundry, and a little yard work. 

After listening to him howl through breakfast, my shower and getting dressed, I decided to try the sling one of the mother’s in our play group and lent me.  Maybe “wearing” him would solve two problems at once. 

I loved the simplicity of the sling, but Oliver complained bitterly. After a few short moments it was clear he wasn’t going to stop, so put him back in his play yard and debated what to do.

Oliver, on the other hand, knew exactly what he wanted, the play yard would simply not do, he wanted to be held. NOW.

The only other carrier we have is an Ergo, when we first tried it out with him, it was an Epic Fail, he was too small, the carrier was too big, and we weren’t quite sure what to do with either one.

He’s since gotten bigger and I’ve since watched the instructional DVD so I decided to give the Ergo another try. 

After a few attempts at positioning him the way the DVD recommended (and failing), I decided to let him decide how he’d best fit. He enjoys sleeping on his tummy on people with his legs tucked up, and he happily positioned himself in the carrier in a similar way.

He was comfortable, I was comfortable, and after some initial fussing, he settled down for a nap. 

img_3201Oliver zonked out in the Ergo Baby Carrier

The DVD claims you can nurse and wear the Ergo at the same time, I’m not feeling that adventurous just yet. For now, I’ll settle for wearing a napping baby and getting some laundry done. 

I think it may be a little while before we fully make friends with the Ergo, but so far it has gone decently well.

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