sleep when the baby sleeps & other lies they tell you

Everyone has told me I should “sleep when the baby sleeps” to help make up for the sleep that’s misplaced during the early morning holler fest.

As much as I would love to sleep 12-16 hours a day (in random 1-5 hour chunks), there are times when Oliver is zonked and I must carry on.

Oliver will happily sleep almost anywhere. He likes to sleep in the car (while I”m driving), in the grocery store (while I’m buying food), on his after noon walks (when I’m doing the walking) and at appointments (unless he’s the one being looked at – and even then he catches a quick nap between handlings). He also likes to sleep on people, which makes it hard to try and sleep yourself (what if he slides off). 

He also sleeps in his bouncy seat, play yard, moses basket and crib. He does not sleep in bed with us, he talks too much for that. 

When the baby sleeps I try to catch a quick nap (assuming I am not driving, grocery shopping, or pushing the stroller). I also try to eat lunch because Oliver seems to Very Much Enjoy having Wide Awake Time when I’m trying to eat.

2 thoughts on “sleep when the baby sleeps & other lies they tell you

  1. How ridiculous to assume it means to sleep 12-16 hours. Obviously you don’t understand what it means. And yes, it can be done. I took naps while my child slept and it did wonders for my wellbeing. But you have to know how and when to do it, otherwise you get nothing done. Well meant advise takes a turn in the negative because those reading it don’t know what it means. Better left not giving any.

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