Oliver has adventures: Safeway & a Walk

In the last few days Oliver has had a series of Adventures. Not only has he been the frequent star and host of The 2-4 am Wide Awake Party & Holler Fest, on Friday, he had his first trip to Safeway.

It was uneventful.

I’m OK with that. 

He also went on his first outing in his stroller. We took a half hour walk along the trail that goes behind O’Reily, and then met up with Gavin. He’d been out in his stroller before, at the Petaluma Outlet Mall, but this was the first time he’d gone out for a walk simply for the sake of getting out and getting some air. 

Once he stopped hollering, he slept the entire time. He also slept through meeting some of Gavin’s co-workers. 

Everyone thinks he’s adorable. He is, and he knows it. 

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