rattlesnakes & other packages for Oliver

Ever since Oliver’s arrival I’ve looked forward to checking the mail. Usually he gets cute, congratulatory cards, and insurance-related paperwork.

A few weeks ago, he got a cute onesie emblazoned with PRINCIPIA in a small bubble envelope, with a cute card, from Gavin’s sister, Aunt Megan.


It’s a little large for him, but choosing a college is still a long way off.

Today, he got rattlesnake in a plastic bird food tub, and half a note card scrawled in sharpie, from my sister, Aunt Heidi.


Don’t worry, it’s plush. Oliver has the best aunts.

One thought on “rattlesnakes & other packages for Oliver

  1. hey, we know who the crazy bird aunt is, at least 😉 i mean, really, what kind of person would NOT send an infant a rattlesnake? pls remove the tongue though, i’m sure Oliver would love to gnaw at it, and it’s a bit frail. anyway thank goodness for Megan, i’m glad i’m off the hook as thoughtful/practical aunt… now to find warm fuzzy books about spiders and other such critters of joy =)

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