Baby Goth

Back when Oliver was still “the fetus affectionately referred to as the Pudge” I half jokingly  suggested that we have a Baby Goth themed room. Certain people were horrified by the idea, but “science” is on my side (at least for the first few weeks). and other infant development websites point out that “at birth, your baby sees only in black and white and shades of gray,” they go on to mention that red is one of the first colors babies can begin to see. 

Black, white, gray and red. Not only are the colors timelessly classic (and totally workable for a Baby Goth room), they’re also “incredibly stimulating” for development.

Fear not, after a few weeks other colors start to be visible, and experts recommend parents “decorate [the baby’s] room with bright, cheerful colors. Include artwork and furnishings with contrasting colors and shapes” which somewhat rules out the baby goth theme. 

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