Adventures with Oliver

Oliver has been home a little over a week and a half now and every day brings a new adventure and a slew of questions. How long will he sleep after we put him down at 10 pm? How much will he eat? Will he like his new clothes? Will he care about his over-sized space mobile?

The past few days have brought about many firsts: first bath (no, we didn’t take photos), first night alone in his own room (he likes to talk to himself), first car trip (he slept through it), first trip outside (to watch Gavin & Grandpa Stephen fix window screens), and first SKYPE experience (talking to Megan @ Prin).

We’ve learned quite a bit about Oliver in the last few days as well. He likes to sleep with the lights on, and he likes background noise – light jazz works nicely. He doesn’t care if the breast milk is fresh from the breast, warmed in a bottle, or slightly chilled, food is food. He only gets really upset when he’s hungry, has a BIG burp (or two), or a really nasty diaper.

He finds his fingers tasty, likes to hold his left eat when he eats, and enjoys sleeping with his arms stretched over his head (we call it the “surrender monkey” pose). He sleeps best/longer when swaddled, but has no problem zonking out pretty much where ever you put him.

We’re not holding out on you, we *do* have more photos of him looking absolutely adorable. We just haven’t posted them yet, they’re still on our camera. Patience!

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