Healthy, Active & Very Responsive

As the Pudge’s arrival date draws nearer, we’ve been visiting with our midwives more often.

One of the favorite things at every check up is seeing how long it takes to find the Pudge’s heartbeat. We think there should be a separate column on the chart to record the time. Some days it’s been instantaneous, while other days the Pudge decides to practice evasive maneuvers.

On a recent visit we tried for thirty minutes to get a solid reading, we heard the placenta, cord and lots of fluid, and very faint traces of heartbeat, but not enough to really listen to.

None of us was particularly worried, we could feel it in there lurking around sending out random kicks and wiggles, we just couldn’t hear it’s little heart.

We tried again the next day using the doppler and got a much better response. As the doppler followed Pudge around, Pudge kicked, wiggled and tried to escape being monitored. It made obvious bumps on my tummy and kicked at the sensor.

The midwife was thrilled that the Pudge is so “healthy, active and responsive.” She’s looking very forward to meeting the little person, as am I. I’ve got a special little basket all set up for it so when it decides to kick through the night, it won’t be aiming for my bladder.

2 thoughts on “Healthy, Active & Very Responsive

  1. Thirty minutes. You have a patient dopler person.
    This all goes by way too fast Kindli. My grandson is 8 weeks today and has outgrown his NB clothing.
    The happiest most exciting days are waiting for you!

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