“Angel Dear” look out for the Steamroller

The Pudge has recently been gifted yet another “Angel Dear” blanket. For those of you unaware of the “Angel Dear” blankets, they’re very soft, plush, about a foot square and are designed after some cute animal, elephants, puppies, bunnies and so on.

The idea behind the blanket is to get the baby several, and get him/her attached to the blanket(s) so you can easily swap them out to wash them. They’re also small enough to be easily totable. Other explanations include carrying it close to you so later the baby can sleep with something that smells like you.

I am a skeptic. Will a baby really not be able to tell the difference between the blue hippo and the very stripy tiger? So they’re the same size and plushness, but the heads and prints are vastly different.

I also question the explanation of scent. It sounds very similar to leaving clothing for a cat to curl up with when you go away for vacation. I know from personal experience my parents cat tends to shun the dirty laundry in favor of the freshly washed. The fresher, cleaner, drier and crisper the better.

Has anyone ever considered that maybe they don’t want their beloved “blankie” to be washed? I have a teddy bear that’s never seen the inside of a washing machine in all the 20+ years I’ve owned it (and that’s not for my mother’s lack of trying). Plenty of my other stuffed creatures have been run through the machine, but somehow I can’t imagine my teddy bear without it’s 20+ year patina.

Logistical issues aside, the creatures look like they’ve been on the receiving end of a steamroller (or hit-and-run accident). Completely flattened bodies with oddly firm, floppy heads that sort of bobble about, placid looks on their faces, willingly accepting their fate as infants blankets.

If the Pudge decides to become hopelessly attached to one of these unique creatures, I won’t stand in it’s way. I just hope their heads are very firmly attached.

One thought on ““Angel Dear” look out for the Steamroller

  1. Are you quite sure you are not standing in the way of this? What a sad description to give the Pudge…though true…some reality can wait a few years!
    Blessings to you all.

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