It is now 2009, and eventually I’ll post more photos

We’ve finally taken down the horrible blinds in the master bedroom and put up thermal curtains. Eventually we’ll get real curtain rods, but for now the tension rods will work just fine. 

The Pudge’s room is coming together nicely, it now has a little containment unit and changing table in addition to a book case and rocking chair. It still needs some bedding, but we plan to use the moses basket for the first few weeks so we’re in no real rush.

Eventually we’re going to get the garage cleared out so we can actually park our car in it, and so we have space for the stroller. We’ve also got ambitious plans to tack down the various loose cables that snake around the office and living room. 

We’ve got a month and a half or so before the Pudge is expected, so we plan to make the most of it and try to get as much as we can done before it’s arrival.  

Happy New Year everyone.


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