before & after: the living room

I finally got around to vacuum cleaning today, so I’ve decided to post some photos of our living room!  


 Here is is before we moved in, no binds, a rather dirty floor, and an awful mid-90s ceiling fan. My FIL compared it to a “hovering mosquito.” It wouldn’t be quite as awful if it didn’t hang down at about eye-level,it’s only around because we need air circulation and occasional over head lighting, eventually it’s going to go.


 Here we are installing the rug. We’ve got extra thick carpet padding under it because it’s on tile. The rug is about 9×11 and we got it at Home Depot. We looked at dozens of rugs (literally),  and this one was perfect. The colors look muddy in this photo because the lighting is awful, it looks much better in person.


 After we moved the furniture in and hung paintings. The antique bookshelf was in our garage at our previous place, and the sofa’s slip cover shrank. The paintings are on loan from my in-laws. 



 Yes, our Christmas tree is up. It’s not a “real” one this year because Gavin said killing another one would’ve been a waste. I argued that cutting one down killed them just as dead. Dulce intervened and gifted us a little faux tree from their collection of Seasonal Decor. It’s a nice size for our place. 


 The front door, the hallway on the right leads to the kitchen, the cardboard box is the new freezer door (hopefully it’s the right one this time). 

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