No smoke without a Clean Oven

This evening I went to preheat the oven for dinner and smoke started billowing out of it. We opened a window, made dinner in the toaster oven, and Gavin set the oven to “clean.”

About half way through dinner, smoke started billowing out of the oven vents, the fire alarm went off, and Gavin rushed to open the windows, turn on fans, and shooed me outside.

After a while the fire alarms turned off, but it was still too smoky to be inside safely or comfortably so we sat in the garage reading the Economist.

We’re back in the house now, upstairs in the office with extra fans on and the door closed. The smoke has now mostly cleared but the oven still has about 3 (out of 4) hours before the “clean” cycle has finished. We turned off the heater, all the doors and windows are open and we’re wearing extra layers of clothing, it’s in the low 40s out.

Gavin and I are trying to figure out what is causing all the smoke. We can’t think of anything that may have spilled, and we’ve gotten the oven preheated to 400 before without smoke. It has made odd smells while preheating before, but never billowing smoke.

Hopefully running the “clean” cycle will solve this oddness, and with any luck, next time we run the “clean” cycle it will be warmer than 40-something degrees out.

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