“Early Christmas” in Houston

I know I have promised lots of people that I would post more photos of the house. I will post more photos of the house, as soon as I take some, and the house is a little more cleaned up. I hope to have some up by the end of the week!

It didn’t snow while we were in Houston. Most of the snow had melted by the time we got there Thursday evening.

Our flight in on Thursday was most uneventful, Southwest will allow pregnant women to pre-board, so we took full advantage of that on the flights in. It was a little strange boarding with the elderly, extremely obese (those requiring 2 seats), and those with obvious physical impediments. We changed planes in Las Vegas and had lunch. They have slot machines in the Vegas airport, and the noise gets rather annoying.

Friday we drove around Galveston Island. It’s been about three months since Hurricane Ike and the signs of devastation can still be clearly seen all over the island. Blue tarp covers roofs, piles of rubble line streets, stop lights don’t quite work yet, and unless you really need to be on the island, there really isn’t much reason to go. It was also the same weekend as the Lone Star Motorcycle gathering, so large parts of the island were blocked off and there were lots of leather clad men in their 50s.

The hotel where Gavin and I honeymooned in May 2006, the Tremont, survived and is undergoing renovations. It should be open again next year. Fisherman’s Warf, where we had dinner, is still closed, as are most of the other places we visited.

Saturday morning, the Church Ladies graciously hosted a shower for Pudge. The Pudge is going to be a very well dressed, very gender non-specific baby (sort of like the Ann Geddes babies, only less creepy).

Saturday evening we met up with Arthur for dinner and spent about three hours talking about politics, fast cars, and real estate.

Sunday was church, where the favorite question was “Do you know what it’s going to be?” to which we replied “A baby!” which seemed to make most people happy. The second most popular question was “Will you be in town for Christmas?” Based on the CS idea every day is Christmas (celebrating Christ, etc), yes, based on the calendar day Dec 25, no.

We spent early Sunday afternoon with one of my old Sunday School teachers and her son, and then hung around the house taking care of little things.

Monday after a photo at the Rocket Park, we had greek food for lunch. If anyone knows a good Greek restaurant with in an hour of Sebastopol, please let us know. We flew back on Southwest via Phoenix. Gavin was slightly disappointed that I didn’t want to take advantage of the option to pre-board. I saw the collection of wheelchair bound elderly ladies and somehow it just felt wrong.

We got home a little after 9 and the house was 45 degrees. We’d left the heater off while we were gone. Brilliant.

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