When is it due?

Here are some of my favorite questions that I’ve been asked so far: 

When is it due? This question came up today when I was at the dentist. We were trying to figure out when to schedule my next appointment. The idea was “about 10 weeks from now” because they can’t do x-rays, and dental health is important during pregnancy. I’m at about 30 weeks along.  Theoretically, the Pudge will show up in about 10 weeks, practically, it’ll show up when it’s ready. Instead of trying to second guess the Pudge’s grand scheme, we compromised and set a date for April.

Have you found out what it is yet?  We’re pretty sure it’s still going to be a baby. Or did you mean what gender? We don’t know, and no, we’re not just saying that to keep you in suspense, we honestly don’t know.

Can you feel it move? Yes, I can feel it move. No, you can’t. Gavin can sometimes, and the midwives finally believe me when I tell them I’ve got a very active baby. 

Have you picked out a name yet? No, but we’ve vetoed quite a few. 

Are you excited? Yes! We love our new house, it’s fantastic! Or did you mean about the baby? 

How do you feel? That question it reminds me of Writing Seminar at Prin, “How does the jellybean make you feel” it’s a jelly bean. It evokes no feeling. The Pudge on the other hand, cause me to experience a wide range of feelings as it does quite a lot sensory awareness development (kicking/bouncing around). 

 What is it like being pregnant? “Every woman experiences pregnancy differently, and every pregnancy is different as well.” So there. For me? I feel increasingly round, and I don’t think I’m ever going to get fully accustomed to having someone else occupy a space inside me. It’s very strange.

2 thoughts on “When is it due?

  1. dude, you sound like me, but i’m not hosting a U.P. – miss you, love you, amused…

    can i please send educational things about venomous snakes, spiders and dangerous wildlife?

  2. @ LW, once it’s old enough to read that on it’s own, you’re welcome to send it (almost) whatever you’d like. Until that time Gavin is going to read it the Economist and I plan to read it the original Grimm Brothers’ stories.

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