before & after: the backyard

As rooms come together we’ll be posting before & after photos. Right now, the only space fit to show is the back yard! There are quite a few photos after the cut. 


When we moved in the backyard had a splintery railing, depilated dog run, and a drop off on the right side that was just low enough not to “need” a fence, but just tall enough where not having one made us very uncomfortable. 


We added railing along the drop off, along with a gate, to make the corner of the yard more secure. It also makes a nice spot for the grill. 


 The patio furniture from our old house fits perfectly in our new yard. Don’t worry, the bicycle is now in the garage, the hammock is also in the garage until the weather gets nice enough to use it again. 


 New railing on the back stairs made everyone feel more secure and eliminated the second step’s slightly-too-high drop off. 


 The dog run is out, eventually we hope to put in a raised planter. 


3 thoughts on “before & after: the backyard

  1. IT looks fabulous! What a difference the new fence makes… and the furniture.
    May you live there for many happy years.

    Irene – Mom

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