Pudge’s First Halloween

This year Gavin and I went to a Halloween Party in San Francisco as King Henry the 8th and Ann Boylen.

The Pudge didn’t miss out on the action either, although it was concealed by the over skirt, it went as Elizabeth the First* proudly displaying it’s name tag.  Everyone though it had “great handwriting” for a fetus. 


I made Gavin’s fur vest (by hand) and helped track down appropriately blingy accessories (the Christmas aisle, hot glue and rhine stones). With the shoulder pads, Gavin was so wide he couldn’t fit through the door, and he also had problems putting his arms all the way down. 

My mom made my costume about 10 years back, fortunately, the empire waist  allowed it to flow nicely over the Pudge. Several strings of pearls, a rather gaudy “B” and a home made French Visor completed the costume. 


*Regardless of costume choices we still are unaware of the Pudge’s gender, it is also highly UNlikely to be named “Elizabeth”

7 thoughts on “Pudge’s First Halloween

  1. You both look very authentic. I still think a bloody bandage around the neck would have been appropriately ghoulish. I’m glad you didn’t have a flat tire on the way home from the city.

  2. @ Izetta, a bloody bandage would not have been “historically actuate” as King Henry couldn’t kill Ann until after the baby was born (and it was a girl *oh noes*). Perhaps next year… then the baby can dress up a little historical figure as well.

  3. Looks like a girl to me, but the way you’re carrying it……..might be a boy…I go with my first choice. What names are you thinking of?

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