I know it is early in October, but I feel compelled to write about Christmas. In late September we went to Lowes and they had their Christmas trees up, according to my MIL Costco’s had their Christmas stuff up since mid-July. Yesterday, someone in the office was playing Christmas music.  

It’s OCTOBER people, it’s still 22 days away from Halloween. After Halloween I’m more OK with people putting up Christmas stuff. Two months of overly commercialized Christmas stuff is already a Bit Much, but to start in July (or August or September)?! Madness. 

I admit, I used to work in a little shop that sold Christmas ornaments all year round, and hosted quite a few rounds of Tea with Mrs. Claus,  but we didn’t really get started with Tea until sometime in November… then we totally went overboard with all things Christmas, but it was after Halloween

Two months of generic canned seasonal music, red, green, tinsel and faux trees is bad enough.  Do we really need four months of overly commercialized Christmas “cheer”? Enough already! 

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