Demon Kitty & the Onion Thief

Yesterday Demon Kitty came over to visit us. I’d been out watering the yard and I left the screen door open.  


When I came back inside, DK was basking in the sunlight cleaning himself.


Then DK joined me on the sofa and helped me watch Men’s Olympic Beach Volleyball. He seemed to enjoy it.  

Later in the evening as we were heading upstairs Gavin spotted the Onion Thief on our back fence. 


Fortunately he’s stopped playing with my onions, instead he picks fights with his buddies and keeps us up at night. Inconsiderate. 

2 thoughts on “Demon Kitty & the Onion Thief

  1. I like your demon kitty! And yes, Gavin did tell me you’d be in town soon-ish. I’d love to see you, just let me know when you’ll be here and what you have in mind for amusing ourselves while he’s in meetings.

  2. I like demon kitty too, he’s actually fairly friendly once you get past his slightly-possessed intent-looking stare. You just have to keep an eye on him, he likes to disappear and then reappear walking out of one of the upstairs rooms looking quite smug.

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