To Oregon & Back Again

We’re back from Oregon (we drove up July 6), we got in Saturday afternoon and Nick picked us up @ the Santa Rosa airport. SR has a quirky little airport, I highly recommend flying into it at least once.

Our adventure started Sunday, when we stayed at a little motor lodge in Humbolt County. A family friend owned the motor lodge and was renting out most of the buildings to homeless people. They also own other properties in the area, and are working to help the community.

Monday we drove to Gold Coast, OR, over nighted in a lovely condo, and Tuesday we took one of Jerry’s Rogue Jet Boats up the river.

Tuesday night we arrived at the house in Waldport (between Florence and Newport). The next few days are a blur of car rides and napping. We visited the Aquarium in Newport, the dunes outside Florence and the bog with the bug eating plants (very cool).

Eventually I’m going to upload photos, and my FIL has promised to send me the ones he took as well.

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