not dead yet, hahahaha!

When I first brought the transplanted blackberries home they looked pretty awful and Gavin fervently hoped they would die. They sat by the back fence, looking increasingly pitiful and dead.

When they reached an awful low – crispy, brown shriveled leaves – with clearly no chance of survival, I moved them off to the side – out of sight out of mind, and let them sit on their own in the corner. Imagine my surprise when I noticed little green leaves making a comeback.


I carefully trimmed away the dead leaves to allow the little recovering plant some space to grow. They’re not thriving, but they are looking lusher and greener than they have in weeks.

The blackberries are making a comeback, but they’re going to stay in their pots until we eventually live somewhere where I can have wine barrel full of blackberries (or a corner of the yard I want to let get over taken).

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