Vodka smells like Paint Thinner

I’ve been looking for ways to use the icecream maker Gavin got me for Christmas two years ago. So far I’ve made hazelnut gelatto, vanilla olive oil ice cream, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I’ve used it three times.

Tonight makes four, and our freezer is feeling the squeeze.

This evening I made a batch of Strawberry Frozen Yogurt from one of my favorite recipe websites. It was incredibly easy to make, because its frozen yogurt and not ice cream there were not eggs to divide and no custard to make. I did, however, follow the suggestion about the vodka (alcohol does not freeze so adding vodka helps things from getting icy).


I bought the smallest bottle of vodka I could find (it was plastic, very classy packaging), as I was only planning to use the occasional tablespoon or two. I got carded for the second time in my life (or was it third?), and warned Gavin that we now had vodka in the house.

I’m not sure how it’s affected the frozen yogurt’s freezing just yet, as I’ve just put it in the freezer. I can’t see using it for anything beyond baking (I’ve got a pie crust recipe that calls for it), and, if it’s OK with Gavin, ice cream making (although food chemistry says I could up fat content and that would help with creaminess and preventing iciness, but I’m not sure how to do that just yet, I’m still a novice ice cream churner) and for something that’s supposed to be flavorless it certainly has quite than aroma.

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