Adventure Spoon of Adventure and Doom

A week or two ago Frosted Flakes were on sale at Safeway, so I picked up a box or two and unknowingly became the owner of an Indiana Jones Adventure Spoon – the red one with the spider on it. A quick googling showed that I was not the only one to have such an amazing item, there are already YouTube clips, discussion groups and blog posts about it. They are also being touted as a “collector’s item” and being sold on EBay.

In addition to teaming with Kellog/Keebler, the new Indiana Jones movie has also teamed up with Dr. Pepper, Blockbuster, XBox, and Burger King.

I remain unimpressed, seriously, what am I going to do with a plastic spoon that lights up, or, worse yet, an Adventure Spoon.


If I was going to design an Adventure Spoon it would be more like a Swiss Army knife than a pillar of cheap plastic. It would be more spork like, and any light it gave off would be adequate to find my way around in the dark (not give off an annoying red glow).

To see what was so exciting about my Adventure Spoon I decided to carry it around and see if it made my life any more Adventurous. I picked Thursday (my day off) as my Adventure Day.

My Thursday was slated to be no more thrilling than any other day off. I’d get up, shower, tell Gavin to have a good day as he drove off to work, have breakfast, watch Matlock, do some menu planning/grocery list writing, some yard work, some puttering about the house, at some point I’d eat lunch, probably talk to Comrade Squishy, surf the internet, debate doing some laundry (probably not until Friday), and eventually get started on dinner (swedish meatballs and oven-baked latkes with apple and lingonberry sauce).

I planned to test the spoon for usability, easiness to clean, durability, general usefulness, and the Adventure Factor which would include how much more Exciting my day would be because the Adventure Spoon was in my life.

Would the Adventure Spoon enhance my day, from breakfast through dinner? I was determined to find out.

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