The Carter Administration and other Abominations in Cooking

I was going to make Sweet & Sour Pork for dinner tonight, the recipe I picked out came from the White House Cook Book, and it was a favorite of the Carter Administration.

Thus far, the White House Cook Book has worked quite well for me, the Orange-Chocolate Cake from President Ford was fantastic, and the buttered pecan ice cream (another one of Ford’s favorites) was quite good as well.

Tonight, Carter let us down. The soy sauce marinade separated oddly around the pork chunks, and the flavor of the sauce was a Little Too Special for dinner consumption.

Apparently “Mrs. Carter often included the tangy dish on special menus for official buffets, and served any leftovers to her family for their informal Sunday night suppers.”

I guess visiting officials in the late 1970s had sterner stomachs than the young couples of 2000.

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