something played with my onion

Last weekend Dulce and I went to Summerwinds and bought The Perfect Pot, thus ending the long search for a pot to help cover the “unsightly” water meter along our front walk. The Pot is a nice shape, fits close up against the house, covers the water meter perfectly and it’s a lovely blue-green color.


Dulce also bequeathed us a Jade Plant. Apparently this one is 20 or so years old, a slow grower, and pretty much impossible to kill. It doesn’t need much sun, so I’ve put it next to the fence where it gets sun filtered through the cracks and around the umbrella.

The Jade is not the only plant with umbrella protection. At the recommendation of quite a few experts, our hydrangea is also sporting an umbrella to help prevent it from scorching in the afternoon heat. I’m curious to see how it will hold up in the wind.


Stephen dug up some mint and blackberries for us to transplant in our yard. The mint is doing decently, I placed it in the barrel around the jasmine. The blackberries are on death’s door, and I’m the only one sorry to see them go.

The hebe and my newly acquired pepper plants are both doing fairly well, as are the mystery bulbs (we uncovered them in one of the pots and put them in the ground and they’re growing). I found the onion which I planted (I found it sprouting in the garage, I guess the temperature and humidity were just right) rolled across the deck. Something had dug it up, chewed on it, and rolled it around. I strongly suspect the same something has been digging in my jasmine and mint barrel.


Perhaps I should put something more vicious than a resin squirrel and ceramic foo dog to keep the creatures out.

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