we drove 800 miles and never left the state

Abilene looked like an abandoned ghost town at 7:45 on a Sunday morning. The only sign that life might have once existed there was a plastic bag blowing across a parking lot. We were the only car for a good ten minutes as we worked our way to the highway.

On the bright side, there was no traffic until about an hour outside of Dallas so we racked up the miles. A grand total of over 800 in all.

We met Amanda and James for brunch at Bailey’s Breakfast Brunch Lunch not too far from the airport. They recently moved into a new apartment and Amanda was excited they’d “just” gotten a microwave.

At around 1:30 we dropped off our rental, took the shuttle to the airport and started the joyous process of going through airport security. At DFW they’re trying out a new method of air-poofing to test for explosives, and they have a new x-ray system where you can leave your liquids and laptops in their bags. The new x-ray system is nice, the air-poofing is a little strange.

About an hour or two we got to our gate a voice came over the loudspeaker, announcing that the flight was over booked and they were offering vouchers to people to take a later flight… which is how we ended up in Dallas this time.

Gavin and I looked at each other. Before I could say anything, Gavin said “No. No way.” So we flew back to SFO on our regularly scheduled flight, complete with Babies in Surround.

Dulce picked us up from the airport, and after dinner in Palo Alto, Gavin drove home. It was his turn to drive, after all, I’d driven the 800+ miles all over Texas.

One thought on “we drove 800 miles and never left the state

  1. you didn’t drive all over the state. *if* you got south of I-10, it wasn’t by more than a hair, you hardly got north of I-20, didn’t get west enough to hit I-45 and there’s nothing west of here anyway…. arguably, you never left central TX 😉 …did i mention that in just about one year, i’ve put 26,000 miles on the jeep without ever leaving the state? it never got east of dallas, south of houston/junction, or west of big bend…. and never north of abilene by more than 2 counties.

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