300+ miles roundtrip for BBQ

This mornings grand adventure took us through the middle of Eden, Winter, and a few other wide spots in the road. Gavin and I ventured south on 83 to Junction, Texas, home of Cooper’s BBQ.


We drove about 2+ hours to meet Sean and Anne, Gavin’s Internet Friends. They drove up from San Antonio, and we drove down from Abilene. Junction is about half way between the two. Sean remembered Cooper’s from a previous road trip he’d made through the area.


I had the chopped brisket sandwich with a small side of potato salad, while Gavin had sliced brisket, potato salad and coleslaw. The sides were somewhat lacking, but the brisket was fairly good. Sean and Anne were worth the drive as well.

I am unsure of all the details of how Gavin knows Sean and Anne, something to do with they met on the internet, which is fine. Gavin’s met lots of people on the internet. Sean moved to San Antonio from Virginia, and Anne moved from Montana after she and Sean got married (about 9 months ago).

After about two hours of eating and chatting, we realized we should go our separate ways if we wanted to make it home by a reasonable time.


Tomorrow we drive back to Dallas, have brunch with Amanda and James, return our rental car, fly to San Francisco, drive back to Palo Alto, have dinner, and then drive home. I am looking forward to our own car, own bed, and own cooking.

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