cake, and other ways to spend a Sunday afternoon

This afternoon Dana drove up for Lunch and Cake. Lunch was hamburgers, caesar salad and oven fries. We ate outside enjoying the sunny (slightly brisk) weather. 


 After lunch we had Cake. Four layers of white spongy perfection with lemon custard layered in between, topped with an amazingly fluffy tangy white icing. It was about 6 to 8 inches tall, when it was on the cake stand it just barely fit into the fridge. 


 The cake was a two-day project. Saturday I made the lemon filling and the cake itself, then I let it all chill over night in the refrigerator. I actually used eight lemons and 12 eggs, but that was later. 


 Today I cut the cake rounds in half, and learned that’s easier to to when they’ve been chilled overnight.


The frosting was the only slight challenge (that and separating eight eggs, 6 for the filling/cake, two for the frosting), because I forgot to add the lemon juice while I was heating the eggs, sugar, water and corn syrup. The temperature was rapidly reaching 160*F when Gavin came to my rescue. 

 I was quite the sight, mixing bowl over double boiler wearing an oven mitt, holding an instant read thermometer and stirring.  

“We have a real double boiler” Gavin pointed out.

“Yes, but I can’t attach that to my stand mixer.”


 So Gavin sliced open a lemon and squeezed an approximate tablespoon of juice into the mix, mere seconds before the thermometer jumped from 159 to 161. 


The icing turned out amazingly well, although my covering, piping and decorating skills are somewhat lacking. I added some yellow food color for contrast, and made a few attempts at florets… not my most successful decorating job, but the cake tasted fantastic (that’s the important part). 

Speaking of yummy cake, does any one want a slice (or two?) we’ve got plenty leftover! 

4 thoughts on “cake, and other ways to spend a Sunday afternoon

  1. yes. duh. always want cake. bring a slice? 😉
    “ma’am, you’re going to have to put that in your checked luggage – oh, you don’t have any? *nomnomnom*”

  2. Sorry lw, the rest of the cake went to Gavin’s coworkers yesterday afternoon. It is all gone now. Yes, if you come visit I will make cake for you. And give you jam, and make sticky buns, and maybe even let you flip through my recipe collection for something special to make for you. Tonight it we’re having cornish game hens w/corn bread stuffing and broccoli. 😀

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