not-so-little root bundle of frustration

Our wine-barrel is now home to a plant, but not the one we originally considered, this one is a jasmine of some sort. I got it a Costco. They had a group of them and they smelled so nice so I made an impulse buy and decided to take it home with me.  

After I paid for it, I realized it was about 4 feet tall and there was no way it was going to fit in my car. The check-out lady semi-seriously suggested I use the sunroof.   

I ended up putting it in at an angle resting on the paper-towels and sticking the dirt end in one of the other shopping bags. It was quite the sight.  

Then I got it (and my impressive collection of toilet paper, paper towels, goldfish, and all those other things you can buy in bulk at Costco) home and realized some of the dirt had tried to escape. Great fun that was. So out came the large vacuum cleaner (I could/should’ve used the smaller one, but it’s bag is full… and somewhere we have new ones… I know b/c we went on quite the hunt for them in Boston…). 

 So after all the dirt was out of the back of our car (yay plastic trunk), and the rest of the stuff was out of our car, and I picked up Gavin, I decided to plant the jasmine in the wine-barrel.  


I emptied one of the bags of dirt into the barrel, made a nice space for the plant to rest, and then set about trying to free the plant from the little plastic pot.  I had quite the time pulling the not-so-little root ball out of the pot. Dirt got everywhere.  

Then I had to haul one of the other bags to add more dirt. Great fun that was.  I’m rather pleased with the end result. I’m hoping to train the jasmine along the bamboo poles (cheaper than a trellis and easier to fit in our car). I need to go shower now, and my jeans are filthy. Yay for dirt. 

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