Books for Thought – March’s Selection

I have not done much reading this month outside the Calvin & Hobbes collection that remains stashed in the upstairs bathroom, my Martha Stewart Living magazine, Cooks Illustrated, Cooks County and America’s Test Kitchen 2007 Favorites. I also occasionally flip through Gavin’s collection of the Economist.

I have done a fair bit of book organizing, a weekend or two ago I helped our friend Dana move into her new house in Sunnyvale, and one of the many things I accomplished was to divide and conquer the book situation: dog books, fiction, non-fiction, DVDs, comics, and a few token video games.

I have also done a fair bit of book-watching. Gavin and I recently acquired more Marple and Poirot Mysteries that have been, in many cases, very liberally adapted from Agatha Christie’s original works. The dramatizations take great artistic license (of which Gavin approves) and work in Nazis, lesbians, and other sub-plots which are not entirely true to the original work. The costuming and set decor, however, are fairly accurate, and the actress who plays Miss Marple is rather brilliant, and I am becoming increasingly fond of the actor playing Hercule Poirot.

I’ve also been converting audio books to mp3 format so we can enjoy them on our Audio-Book iPod. Yes, we have an iPod just for audio-books. It’s my old one: it no longer holds a charge, and cannot be moved from the power source for more than about an hour before it decides it won’t work properly. Gavin and I enjoy listening to a chapter or two before bed. Right now we’re listening to a selection of Sherlock Holmes short-stories.


I also read The Distant Land of My Father by Bo Caldwell. Apparently the entire city of Palo Alto is reading it and my MIL happened to have an extra copy. It would not be a book I would pick up on my own and read, and it was interesting to see what someone in Palo Alto deemed good reading for the entire city. March is about to turn into April, so I will write more about it later.

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