GavNav’s TomTom

Yesterday afternoon Gavin got a new toy: a TomTom GPS. We’d been talking about getting one for a while now, and our up coming trip to Abilene seemed like as good an excuse as any. Gavin spent most of the evening fiddling with it, and this morning he proudly displayed it on our windshield.

Gavin was quite excited by every little feature: “See, it shows us the street names!… It shows us how fast we’re going!… It’ll tell us if we’re going over the speed limit!” Most importantly, as long as you can see the sky it can tell you where you are, so if I take another adventure into dead cell-phone territory I can find my way home.

This morning, when we pulled into the parking lot Gavin offered to set the device to “go home.” That was all very nice, but I wasn’t going to go directly home. “It’ll recalculate for you,” Gavin replied as he set the device.

TomTom then proceeded to give me directions home. I knew where I was going, and it wasn’t home. The following conversation ensued:

TomTom: Turn left at —
I ignored it.
TomTom: Recalculating
Me: There is no need to recalculate, I’m not going home.
TomTom: Turn right at —
I ignored it again.
TomTom: Recalculating
Me: I’m not going home, I’m going to the car wash.

TomTom ignored me and persisted with the directions. I continued to ignore it, and it continued to “recalculate” and attempt to tell me where I should go. Gavin will testify that I don’t take direction well, not from my GavNav and certainly not from GavNav’s TomTom

I felt rather foolish driving through town with a GPS on my windshield. I’m not going to use it to go to the store, or any number of places near by. If I have my way I’ll probably leave it in the glove compartment and only pull it out when we’re venturing into completely new territory (or if I get lost in another cell-phone dead-zone).

2 thoughts on “GavNav’s TomTom

  1. We have a Garmin. We call the voice Lola. I don’t know why. She gets confused if someone goes away from the highlighted route–the recalculating is annoying. Have fun with the TomTom. We need to get our Garmin updated but that’s not cheap. I think you have to update them often.

    Enjoy and don’t let the device get you lost…even a computer can make mistakes.

  2. @ Kelsters – the TomTom is there to supplement the GavNav, not to replace. If the GavNav gets us hopelessly lost, hopefully the TomTom will at least give him an approximate idea of where we might be. Right now I just go places I know how to get to, with the few exceptions of when I end up in cell-phone dead-zones… hopefully TomTom can help then, b/c I can’t call GavNav.

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