I almost miss our Junk Mail

A few months ago, in a fit of frustration, I signed up for Catalogue Choice. We were averaging 2-3 catalogues a day, they would pile up in the garage and eventually get recycled. No one every looked all the way through them (thats what the internet is for). They would pile up on the dining room table in dangerous and slippery stacks.

I came across Catalogue Choice in Martha Stewart Living (I think, but it might have been Unclutter or NotMartha). It is a rather brilliant service, we’ve unsubscribed from about two dozen catalogues (although Frederick’s of Hollywood, NewPort News and the Metropolitan Museum of Art have refused our requests… LLBean and LandsEnd have been most cooperative).

Now when a catalogue arrives I check Catalogue Choice and add it to our list. If it is already on our list, I report them. Most places have been quite accommodating, but now all we get are grocery fliers (which get promptly recycled), credit card offers (which get promptly shredded, then recycled), and requests for donations for various charitable endeavors (discussed and dispatched on a case-by-case basis). The mail is far less exciting and our recycle bin is feeling lonely.

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