The Mallards in the $500,000 House

This morning we saw the Mallards crossing the street, again. They stopped traffic and waddled unconcernedly from the house to the park.

Gavin and I have seen them do this several times now. At some point between 8:45 and 9:15 in the morning, the Mallards hop off the sidewalk, waddle and go for a romp in the park. Sometimes I am the unlucky one who has to stop for them, sometimes I am lucky enough to drive past as they are hopping up onto the grass.

As we watched the Mallards in their morning routine, Gavin excitedly pointed out that they cross the street in front of the house with the FOR SALE sign.

The house in question is on the market for about $500,000, a real bargain for the area. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, 2 car garage, remodeled kitchen, and a pool. It is quite nice, we’ve seen photos of it online, and if the price was to drop substantially, we might consider it.

We are fairly certain the Mallards are living comfortably in the backyard, possibly enjoying the pool, and taking a morning stroll to the park every morning. Gavin pointed out the ducks could easily jump the fence, or squeeze through/around it. The backyard would be cozy and reasonably safe from raccoons and other annoying creatures.

The Mallards spend their days in the park, so it is unlikely they’ve ever been around on a house tour. The house is unoccupied, so there is no noise or light to disturb them. There are also no humans or house pets to intrude on their little slice of paradise. They also might have found away to access the pool.

The Mallards are enjoying the $500,000 house. I wonder if the House’s Future Owners will enjoy the Mallards.

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