Demon Kitty & Baby Cheesecakes

Demon Kitty came by this afternoon to investigate and shed on our new patio furniture and look disdainfully at our hammock. He did not look pleased. I would’ve thought he could be a little less grumpy looking, we’ve put the umbrella up, now he has a place to lounge in the shade!


I haven’t posted any of my baking/cooking adventures recently, I’ve been busy pottering around the garden, enjoying the weather, driving Nick around helping him look for an apartment (Nick’s now safely back in Canada), and generally keeping busy doing Other Things.

A few weeks back I came across a recipe for Baby Cheesecakes, baby in this case meaning tiny (not for babies, or made of babies). The recipe was simple, but I made a few changes. I used ginger snaps instead of graham crackers and I added some lemon juice and zest to add more flavor.

I let them sit a few minutes (6 1/2 to be exact, I set a timer) after which point I decided to try and take them out of the cupcake pan. The first one started to fall apart (which is why the photo isn’t as great as the ones in the original recipe).


It was slightly mushed, but the mushed part in no way adversely influenced the flavor. It was slightly warm, light and creamy with a nice lemony tang. Maybe I should leave one out for Demon Kitty.

2 thoughts on “Demon Kitty & Baby Cheesecakes

  1. no good. baby cheesecake is just plain false advertising if it contains no baby! like girlscout cookies. seriously, you’d think there would be a lawsuit by now.

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