you can’t have my hammock!

In the last few weeks, Gavin and I have taken steps to make our backyard a more inviting and useable space. We already have a grill and a rather lopsided outdoor umbrella, and I’ve been potting and gardening around the small flower beds. We’ve also acquired a nice outdoor dining set, and have enjoyed several lunches outside.

During the backyard usefulness/beautification project I managed to convince Gavin that we needed a hammock on the lower deck. He balked at the idea until I showed him some websites, and explained I had done the measuring and explained what would fit nicely.

The hammock arrived early this afternoon and I had a fairly easy time assembling it. I had to wait for Gavin to come home before I could properly test it, everything needed to be tightened, and that was easier with two people.


Gavin doesn’t think it will get much use, but I’m going to do my best to prove him wrong. The weekends have been so nice it would be a shame to waste them sitting in front of a computer. Go lay in the hammock and read The Economist instead!

As our yard beautification project continues, so does my quest for odd (not tacky) garden sculpture. Happily I was able to use up a gift card and find some amusing garden art. Pier One’s gnomes were ugly, so I opted for something slightly less traditional: a Foo Dog (aka Imperial Guard Lion). I considered getting two, but I couldn’t find one that matched the way I wanted. I was tempted to get an Easter Island-esque head, but it was obviously just for inside decoration.



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