apartment hunting for Nick, not for me

On Wednesday Nick and I drove around Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Cotati looking at apartments. We looked at five or six total, and drove past countless more in greatly varying condition. They were all in the same price range but what was offered varied greatly.

Of all the places we visited, only two did NOT automatically assume that Nick and I were an item. I tried to make it quite clear that he was looking for an apartment NOT we. I suspect part of the reason they thought we were an item is because I asked a lot of questions, and peered in the closets, laundry rooms, and cabinets. I also commented to Nick about kitchen layouts, bathroom proportions, and the alloted closet/storage space.

I remember last year when Dulce and I went apartment searching. Dulce asked all sorts of questions I didn’t think to, so I tried to do the same for Nick. I asked about websites, brochures, electric costs, water costs, what was/was not included, washing machine rental, parking, mail location, security, accent walls, furniture rental, etc.

Consequently Nick has a stack of apartment brochures, copious notes, and an increasingly well worn copy of the San Francisco/Silicon Valley Apartment Guide (we picked up a copy of it before we started our adventures).

Today Nick and I drove around Sebastapol and discovered several small apartment complexes, and several condo/townhouse groupings. None of them offered much information, or a way to find much information. We also came across several very very very large homes, I told Nick that if Gavin and I could ever afford such a place he was welcome to rent out the “granny unit” (many of them looked to be the size of the townhouse we’re currently renting).

I am quite excited to say that we did not get hopelessly lost, slightly turned around, maybe, but we always found our way back to 12 or 116. There were no random accidental detours through Occidental/Gurneyville/Graton and the back hills filled with cell-phone-dead-zones, I made sure of that!

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