happy 11000 gavin!

Today was Gavin’s 11000 birthday. 11000 is 24 in binary – Nick told me so (and google backed him up).

We had a low-key celebratory dinner of spaghetti bolognese, caesar salad and garlic bread with a bottle of sparkling apple cider. Dessert was carrot cake (the same one as yesterday).

After dinner Gavin opened his present. I got him a trebuchet and a t-shirt from ThinkGeek. The trebuchet is going to be his “weekend project.” I don’t mind as long as he promises to only project things outside.

Apparently there is a “bug” on the t-shirt (not the creepy-crawly variety). Gavin was quite excited about it and tried to explain. The last I saw of him (and the t-shirt) he was running up stairs so he could “tell Nick about it.” Nick seems to have gotten it. The shirt reads: while (!(succeed=try())); I think it’s a geek thing.

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