adventures in Graton

Today Dulce and Stephen drove up to help us celebrate Gavin’s birthday (which is tomorrow). We went to lunch in Graton, and then drove around enjoying the beautiful weather. 

Dulce continued assisting us on our quest to find the perfect plant to hide the unsightly water meter. I think we’ve finally found one: I don’t know what it’s called, but I’m not supposed to over water it, and it should do well in the shade. Now to find the perfect pot to keep it in. Gavin thinks yellow would be a good color.

We also got some starter plants for my herb garden: parsley, oregano and thyme. I’m hoping to add basil, dill, and possibly mint to the mix so I can stop buying them at the grocery store. 

After the repotting was complete we sang an enthusiastic round of “Happy Birthday to Gavin” and cut into the carrot cake, iced with maple-cream cheese frosting.



I realize Gavin is *not* turning four, he’s turning 24, but I did not feel comfortable lighting 24 candles: they were of the short, cheap, fast melting variety that enjoy melting into wax puddles on the cake, so I opted to only light four, the 20 is implied. 

I will post more photos of our new plants once they get repotted. 

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