books for thought – February’s readings

At the very end of January I finished How to Make Love like a Porn Star, a cautionary tale by Jenna Jameson, but I will lump it here with the rest of my February reading. Most of the book was depressing, and although the book ended on a positive note, wikipedia was less cheerful.

Kafka is bad. I don’t know why I picked up a copy of Kafka’s Collected Short stories, but I have again been reminded of why I am not a huge fan of German writers (including Herman Hesse and Bertold Brecht). They are crazy (Kafka wrote about turning into a cockroach). I could give them the benefit of the doubt, and say they were living in some pretty difficult times, but that does not mean I have to enjoy their works now that I am no longer obligated to read them for german lit classes.

Go see the film that was inspired by this book: Marie Antoinette: the Journey. Do not read the book unless you have to for a French history class (or a biography class studying women, even then I can suggest several better books about far more interesting women of that approximate time). The book reinforces the spoiled/sheltered/clueless image portrayed by the movie, and adds historical context (which is only relevant if you can keep your Fredricks, Ferdinands, Louiss, Marias and over-arching European history straight).

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