I can “make anything!”

This evening for dinner I made orange chicken accompanied by pot-stickers, rice and broccoli.

Although the homemade pot-stickers have only been improvements on my previous attempts, I think I am going to buy them from Trader Joe’s from now on.

I mentioned this to Gavin, and I also mentioned that I would “need to get more chicken” if we were going to have the meal again.

Gavin looked quite confused. “You bought the chicken at Trader Joe’s?” Well, yes. “As in a bag of orange chicken?” Exactly.

Gavin’s logic: “When I came home the other day there was a homemade decadent four layer chocolate cake with a raspberry heart on top straight out of Martha Stewart!”

So naturally he assumed I had made the chicken from scratch as well. After all, I can “make anything!”

I love my Gavin.

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