the Gavin has Landed, and dinner was fantastic

Gavin came home from NYC yesterday. He didn’t bring me a card, chocolates or flowers, but that was OK, he came home and that is what is important. 

Dinner was caesar salad, lasagna, green beans and garlic bread, followed by the decadent four layer chocolate cake. 


I used Valentines Day as an excuse to use our nice plates, I figured if “I’m bored” and “because I could” are acceptable reasons, a random holiday (like President’s Day, Cinco de Mayo or Flag Day) was a good enough reason to use them as well. 

 Dinner was good, and we waited a little while before we sliced into the cake. We planned to share a piece, but the moment Gavin tasted it he announced “You’ll have to get your own.” I tried to protest, and he continued: “I don’t think you understand how good this is, have you tried it?” 


We did end up sharing the piece. Gavin praised it as “exquisite, amazing, and fantastic,” and I have been informed I can make it again, frequently. His only suggestion for improvement, perhaps a tart raspberry sauce to drizzle over it, however, he offered no suggestions as to how that could be accomplished. I shall have to think on that. 

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