It is 0 days, 15 hours, 3 minutes and 33 seconds until Thursday, February 14, 2008 at 11:25:00 AM (San Francisco time)*

Gavin has been in NYC attending O’Reily’s Tools of Change conference, which meant I had to drive from SFO back home on my own. I’m quite proud to say I didn’t get lost, not once!With Gavin in NYC, I’ve been keeping busy: our apartment is spotless, I went into Santa Rosa to get the oil in our car changed, the “express” lube took an hour and forty-five minutes, I’ve done some grocery shopping, baking, and met two candidates for county supervisor. 

With Valentines Day coinciding with Gavin’s return home, I decided to bake Martha Stewart’s Cake of the Month, a rather decadent four-layer chocolate cake with layers of mousse and chocolate ganache. I substituted  raspberry jelly for Kaluha, and skipped the cashew brittle garnish opting for fresh raspberries instead.


I can honestly say this is quite possibly one of the most difficult cakes I have ever attempted. I had to separate 9 eggs, wash several mixing bowls (multiple times), take the temperature of things, use ice water baths, whisk until “set” (how descriptive), and improvise on ingredients (cream fraise). I am so grateful to have a stand mixer for things like “whisk egg whites until they form medium firm peaks.” I also had to cut a 9-inch cake round (was supposed to be 8 inch rounds) in to four evenly cut pieces with a less-than-great serrated knife.

I have sampled the layers individually and each one is beyond decadent. When I went to assemble it I found the spring form was 1/2 an inch too large all the way around (supposed to be 8-inch, I had 10 inch and 9 inch rounds) and offered no help in assembling the cake. Mousse and ganache oozed from the weight of the cake. It was quite the sight to behold.

Of course I assembled it on the platter, so the bits oozed onto the counter rather impressively. Fortunately once it got in the refrigerator everything firmed up, although some small cracks appeared in the ganache topping. Sad, but I’m sure it will still taste amazing.  

*At the time this was copied & pasted this was how long it would be until Gavin’s flight landed (in an ideal world). 

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