we had more chicken tonight!

After the roast chicken carcass was picked clean, the remains were tossed back into the pot. I added celery, scallions, carrots, some garlic, and pepper. The mess was covered with cold (filtered) water and brought to a boil. This was the first time I had ever made chicken stock, so I checked on it about every twenty minutes.


The stock looked interesting and smelled great. Right now it is in the fridge cooling off, I’m hoping the fat will solidify around the edges so it is easier to pick off. Eventually I’m going to use the stock to make chicken noodle soup.


Dinner was a creative way to use up leftover chicken. Some butter, some cream cheese, some spices mashed up with the chicken and wrapped up in Pillsbury crescent rolls. I’d made them once before (in October?), and Gavin was quite excited to see the flakey little pouch on his plate next to the green beans. 

Gavin commented it seemed like we were going to have a lot of chicken. Well, yes: the little naked organic free range chicken was 5 pounds… it makes lots of leftovers. 

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