We had chicken tonight!

This evening for dinner I made French Roast Chicken in a Pot. The recipe was from Cooks Illustrated a few months back and the recipe caught my eye, it uses the same pot I used to make my no-knead bread, and I’m going to use it to make chicken stock and chicken noodle soup.

This evening was my first ever attempt at doing anything with an entire chicken. I’ve used boneless skinless chicken bits before, but never a chicken in its entirety. The chicken selected for dinner was a free range organic chicken that probably led a happy life. For what organic free range chickens cost, they had better lead very happy lives.

The little chicken looked quite ugly and slightly sad sitting on the cutting board. The slight salt and pepper rub did nothing to enhance it’s appearance.


Roasting the chicken was easier than I anticipated. The recipe said to brown it breast down for a few minutes, then rotate it and let the vegetables brown some before putting it in the oven. That was all quite easy. I didn’t burn myself, or harm the chicken in the process.

It was a very cooperative chicken, it was OK on its own while I went and picked up Gavin, and it even finished up a littler earlier than I anciptipaed (I check after 90 minutes and it was done). It sat with a foil tent for twenty minutes, and then was carved to serve.


I would say my first roast chicken was quite successful. The leftovers are going to be used to make savory chicken crescents, stock, chicken noodle soup, and possibly chicken lettuce wraps, depending on how much is left.

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