so much for the patriots

The first half of the Super Bowl lasted from 3:30 until nearly 5: each quarter is (theoretically) 15 minutes. Football is one of those sports where 15 minutes magically morphs into forty five, and every three seconds there is a commercial break.

This year the average commercial cost about $2.7 million dollars, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the commercials took longer than the game.

The Super Bowl is the only football game I watch all year, I watch it mostly for the commercials. This year I nearly watched the MythBusters 18-hour viewers choice marathon, but Gavin insisted that we watch the Super Bowl. Yes, I’m from Texas where Football is a religion, I’m a heretic.

This year there were some great commercials, in the First Half there was the rather fun greasy ad by Audi with the grill of a luxury car in bed, FedEx had a fantastic ad with carrier pigeons, and Budweiser had another heartwarming horsie/puppy commercial.

By far my favorite was the Garmin commercial with the Mini Cooper that drove around by itself and then Napoleon (or some other petite person dressed as Napoleon) stepped out.

LifeWater had some fun dancing lizards, but in the long run I’m more likely to remember the lizards than I am the water. Dorritoes’ fun commercial used a chip to try catch a mouse, but Dorritoes usually has fun commercials.

Of the second half commercials, the commercial, where the little singing bug gets eaten was appropriate, if not dream crushing. ETrade’s baby-day-trader ads were brilliant, if not somewhat creepy, and the make a Jack sandwich was great and so wrong at the same time.

I also liked the Coke ads where the parade floats bumped it out, and the Toyota Sequoia ad with the 3-wheeling crazies was also excellent.

Unfortunately not all the ads were great. If you’re going to spend 2.7 million for a super bowl spot, at least make it new, original and not another creepy Comcast “More More More” commercial.

I was also a little irked at how shamelessly FOX promoted itself, House after the super bowl, and their line up of “new” shows.

The political commercials about Indian gaming were also a little annoying. I’m sure the rest of the country was spared these annoying commercials, the price of living in California. They did not even cut new commercials, they ran the same irritating ones they’ve been running for the last month or two. Enough already, I voted early.

I’m a little bummed the Patriots didn’t win, apparently they were doing a pretty good job this year, Gavin said something about undefeated (until now).

I’ve included links when I was able to easily find them, if you come across one of them that I missed, feel free to leave the link in the comments and I’ll update the links eventually.

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