2 years and 2 days

Our blog/website is now 2 years old! I’d say it’s been a good two years, our website, and geographical location have both changed drastically since the blog began. The post that started it all was about how Gavin proposed, since then we’ve blogged about our wedding plans, marriage, travel, trips we’ve taken, the books we’ve read, food, and the weather.

So now, dear readers (I know there are *so* many of you), what was your favorite blog post/shared experience? Please leave a comment and let us know!

2 thoughts on “2 years and 2 days

  1. Dearest Kindli:

    Your blog is too wonderful for me to pick just one favorite blog. There are soo many fun ones to choose from. I will always have a fondness for the blog entries leading up the wedding because they gave me such a window into yours and Gavin’s relationship, especially since we were so far away. I am so glad you continue to blog. It helps keep me up to date on all your doings without intruding in your life. I’m a fortunate mother-in-law!


  2. POOKIE!! I’m amused by your insights on the Gavinator. Seeing as I barely know the fellow, it’s nice to know y’all are taking good care of each other and nobody has died of food poisoning yet. Honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to your adventure post from Abilene 😉 I know, it’ll be a while, but if it’s half as awesome as the adventure post when I visited, it’ll be brilliant. The food bloggings make me hungry.

    anywhoo, love you oodles!

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