books for thought – January’s Selection

Now that I no longer have a 45 minute commute on the bus/subway my reading has dwindled to nearly nothing. One of my new years resolutions has been to read more, here are the books I have enjoyed this month:

The Know it All was an interesting book with fun trivia, great for a long flight. Not particularly memorable, it is the sort of book you could abandon in the seat back pocket and not loose any sleep over.

Let Us Eat Cake was not nearly as good as Garlic and Sapphires. If you’re going to read a foodie memoir go with Ruth Reichl, it was far less depressing.

The Dante Club was tedious/bad for the first 100 pages and then it suddenly started to make sense, and got much better until the last 20 pages which were just odd. I was not a huge fan of Dante (or Milton) or any of the supposedly famous poets and writers involved in the novel. It was only slightly more realistic than The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, rather gruesome in spots, and far less thrilling.

The Devil Wears Prada, as a book, was so much better than the movie. The movie was (admittedly) pretty good, for a chick-flick, but remember, I also thought Fight Club was a pretty good chick-flick. I usually advocate for books over movies (except in the case of LOTR where the songs are about to drive me insane), and this is another excellent example. The book offers so much more and is aimed at a slightly less PG audience (yay!). Thankfully the main character does not come across quite as “goody two shoes” on paper.

Yes, I realize January isn’t over yet, but I’m finding it unlikely I’ll finish
How to Make Love like a Porn Star
in the remaining week.

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