readings break freezing

Most days at 11 I watch Matlock. It is a nice mid-morning break, and sometimes I’ll fold laundry or cook/bake while I watch. This morning I came down a little earlier than usual and caught the last of the 10:00 news.

Or rather, what I thought was the 10 am news. They had a feature called “Lunch Break” and wished viewers “a good afternoon.”

When they described the weekend’s weather as having “several periods of snow…. clouds break, breezy and milder in the afternoon… readings break freezing for first time in 10 days” and the weather map they showed was clearly NOT of the CA greater Bay Area I was a little confused.

Apparently our basic cable includes WGN from Chicago. This explains the “lunch break” feature, they’re two hours ahead of us. Thank goodness. I was not looking forward to the idea of snow this weekend.

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