yay for city water

On the Fourth Day of the New Year the Weather Gods brought to me 24 hours with our electricity (it is back now).

Gavin and I were among the estimated one million people without power yesterday after the CA coast was blasted with storms.

We were among the lucky, we have a gas stove and gas water heater so we were able to do some basic cooking and have hot showers. We managed to open the garage door so I drove Gavin to work, past the USPS truck that was half in the ditch, slowly filling with water.

Fortunately Gavin’s office was open, and they had power, so I sat quietly in the corner all day surfing the internet. When we got back home we had candles and I picked up some synthetic logs at Safeway, so we had pasta in the living room (the easiest room to light).

After dinner we went to REI (out), Target (out) and finally Sports Authority (had 10 or so left, got 2) in search of lanterns. We got two battery operated ones, and went to Costco for packs of D batteries, and some really cool hand-crank LED flashlights with radios and cellphone charger capabilities. Although the lanterns gave off a weird cold blue-green light, they lit the living room remarkably well, and they provided enough light to read by.

Thankfully, the power came back sometime in the early hours of the morning, now to reset all the alarm clocks!

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