it just looks amazingly good

Gavin told me I needed to work on my presentation, then he came downstairs for dinner this evening, and I think he’s changed his mind.

Dinner was actually leftover bolognese sauce on spaghetti with a simple salad of romaine hearts with some crasins and pecans in a light vinaigrette. We also enjoyed a Peach Sonoma Sparkler.


Dessert was a small Haagen Dass upended on a plate with raspberries as garnish and a swirl of chocolate syrup. Hot chocolate added a nice contrast to the cold ice-cream.


The blue placemats are the ones we picked up at C&B the day after Christmas with the leftover giftcards. We have a matching runner as well.

3 thoughts on “it just looks amazingly good

  1. All I can say is, Martha Stewart, eat your heart out! Kindli, your presentation in the photos above is amazing. Great angle for capturing the dinner and the dessert. Wow!

  2. oops, ignore my “what IS that?” comment on your pic – i ended up in the album before i ended up at the post. mmm. you never cooked for me like that…. i love you anyway. miss you, even. love you!

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