6 Days Around Christmas

Gavin and I went to Palo Alto for Christmas.

Christmas Eve we went out to lunch at the Peninsula Creamery with Dana, once we got there, we joined Abby, Sara(h?) and Nick (friends of Gavin’s from high school). For Christmas Eve dinner, we enjoyed large bowls of Cousin Ann’s chili.

Christmas Day consisted of presents, waffles, a 3 mile “walk” with Winston and a wonderful Christmas Ham with roasted potatoes and green beans.

The Day After Christmas Gavin and I went to the Stanford Shopping Center to use up the remains of our Crate & Barrel gift card (a leftover from our May ’06 wedding), and do a little shopping. In the afternoon we set up Dulce and Stephen with their own LibraryThing account and entered about 630+ books for them. When I last looked they had 727 books entered.

Thursday’s adventure was a day-long trip to Carmel with the Family Hess. Gavin and I saw a sofa that cost more than our car, adorned with pillows that cost about half a month’s rent, and decided that even if we did have that much money that wouldn’t be how we’d spend it.


On the beach at Carmel, photo by Joan

We drove back to Sebastopol on Friday, back to our very comfy bed, 1.5 bathrooms, empty fridge, and mailbox bursting with credit card offers and catalogues. All the plants that were alive when we left are still alive now. They don’t look any better, but they certainly don’t look any worse.

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